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Matthew Clark

Denver, Colorado

I have always been what I consider a creative and have been involved in art of some kind since I was a kid. I spent a lot of time drawing and painting in my youth and still continue to create fine art today. During my teens and 20s I was heavily immersed in the graffiti culture, and that love of letters ultimately led me to an interest in graphic design which I ended up receiving my college degree in. Having been in the design industry for over 20 years now, photography is a huge part of my day to day work flow, and plays an integral part in visual communication.

I always enjoyed making photos with my parents’ old film and point-and-shoot cameras growing up, but it wasn’t until years later that I started pursuing it as a creative outlet. I initially started shooting again on my iPhone with some attachable lenses, but quickly made the jump to a full frame camera to try and bring my visions to life. Today, photography has become my main creative outlet and I really enjoy not only the shooting aspect, but also the editing process. Being a designer for so long, a lot of the techniques I use daily for work were seamlessly applied to my photo editing workflow and have helped me to create my unique style. My goal with my photography and editing is to create surreal, but believable images that tell a story.