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BIG Artist Update: Devon Loerop takes Us on a Journey to Peru

Artist Update Summary

You know it is funny what is happening to us. Our lives have become digital. Our friends, now virtual. And everything we could ever want to know is just a click away. Experiencing the world through endless second hand information isn’t enough. If we want authenticity, we have to initiate it. This week’s artist update comes from Devon Loerop. An artist who not only lives this out in his life, but all of his work embodies this belief to its core. He is always looking for when he can pack a bag and travel next. The work he creates has the ability to put the audience right into the environment he is depicting. Above all, the artwork he develops helps the viewer see the world from a new perspective. Follow along as Devon takes you through his trip to Peru and explores one of the most culturally rich countries on earth.

About Devon Loerop

Devon Loerop is a Seattle based creative. He has always been fascinated by the art of photography and always wanted to create captivating visuals like he had seen all over social media. In January of 2018, while living still finishing up his Mechanical Engineering degree in Grand Rapids, Michigan he decided to make this dream of being a photographer come true. Devon started pushing himself to learn as much as possible about photography, and editing and found himself shooting every weekend with friends, and staying up until the late hours of the morning learning how to better edit my photos. Follow along with more of his adventures on his Instagram below. You can also discover more of his incredible work in the link to his full collection.

Nature Wall Art Big Artist Devon Loerop
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Nature Wall Art Devon Loerop