BIG News Update: Mike Meyers Appears on Art of Visuals Podcast

About Art of Visuals

BIG news coming from one of our artists! Mike Meyers, a Chicago based photographer, was brought on to the Art of Visuals podcast to talk about his work. Art of Visuals has amassed a huge following on social media of 1.9 million people. Today they are a major player in the photography world. The guys over there have a strong passion for the creative spirit. Their desire is to always connect their audience with other great creators. In other words, the content they produce is meant to inspire. They want to educate, and motivate people to pursue their dreams. Then, hopefully influence the world with their artistic talent.

There may not be a better person to interview for this purpose, than Mike Meyers. Before his time as a photographer he got his start working in the advertising industry. Mike was a writer and Creative Director for over 20 years. Then, picked up photography as a hobby and immediately fell in love with it. In addition to his shots of iconic skylines and natural landscapes, he is also a talented photographer while using his drone. Above all, each shot that Mike takes has a purpose and desires to tell a story with each piece of artwork.

Podcast Summary

In the Art of Visuals Podcast, Mike goes into great detail about his time in advertising. It is interesting to get an insider’s look into the marketing and advertising industry and how he was drawn to pursue photography as a full time gig. Along with this insight, Mike also sheds light on what his creative process is like. Information like this is so valuable to anyone looking to grow their knowledge about photography and creating engaging content. 

Mike Meyers is an incredibly talented creative. He has so much insight into how to become a better artist in general. If you are looking for creative inspiration and want to learn more about how you can improve your own skills, we highly recommend you give this a listen. You will not be disappointed. 

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