large wall art decor framed fabric print

Framed Fabric, The New Must-Have For Printed Large Wall Art

If you are shopping for Large Wall Art choosing the right piece can be a daunting task, especially when trying to fill a big wall. There are several options for large wall art, including canvas and traditional posters, but they have their limitations. Framed Fabric makes it possible to fill your space with beautiful oversized wall art at a low cost for high-quality art! And there are some BIG advantages of Framed Fabric Wall Décor.

Framed Fabric has a thin silicone beading sewn around the edge. Once inserted into the frame the fabric has a smooth matte finish.

large wall art decor framed fabric print
large wall art decor framed fabric print
large wall art decor framed fabric print

5 Benefits of Framed Fabric for Large Wall Art

1. Interchangeable Artworks – When looking for a change, Framed Fabric Prints can easily be swapped out in a matter of seconds. No experience is needed when working with the art. It only takes a couple minutes to screw in the hardware and slide the Fabric Graphic into the frame. There is no commitment to one style of art.

2. Easy Storage and Transportation – Unlike regular big bulky canvas artwork, our lightweight Fabric Graphics are easy to store. The fabric can be folded or rolled and the frames can be broken down for easy storage and transportation. 

3. No Glare Finish – No matter where you are in the room you will have a clear view of the art. You no longer have to worry about the perfect lighting. Our fabrics are printed with the newest dye-sublimation technology having lifelike color vibrancy. In addition, the fabric even allows for backlit options.

4. Durable Fabric – The great thing about Framed Fabric is that it’s not canvas. That means the fabric can withstand wear and tear, unlike regular canvas. You can even clean the fabric in the event of a spill. The art can be easily be transported as well when moving and prints can be removed and swapped from the frame, without the risk of damage.

5. Bigger Sizes – Because our fabric can easily be folded, we can ship much larger prints then a regular canvas. And although the artwork is larger, the weight of the art stays light and is not a hassle to move around.

Are you ready to go BIG? 

Read the helpful Buying Guide in finding the right piece for you!