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Surreal Wall Art:

BIG is excited to announce our newest artist on the site, Ibrahim Saifee! Our desire is to find artists that are on the cutting edge of using technology to enhance their art. And to discover artists who create surreal wall art that stirs your imagination. There is no better example of this than our new artist.

Ibrahim is a digital artist based in India, whose interest in photography and movies is responsible for his love for the Visuals Arts. He has always aimed to use his artistic skills to make a difference. As a result, he is heavily invested in creating surreal imagery with his photography. All of his images reflect on environmental hazards and how they can be prevented. Every piece of artwork has an important message within it. Your walls say a lot about you. Let your large wall art say something that matters.

Modern digital artists have made great strides with this art form in recent years. Surreal artists now can blur the lines between dreams and reality better than ever. Due to today’s technology, these artists have been allowed to use their creative imagination in ways that were not possible with traditional forms of artistic media.

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