Best Large Printed Fabric Wall Art Home Decor Buying Guide

The Complete Guide to Buying Large Wall Art

Buying large wall art can be an intimidating process to start. Searching for large wall decor can be time consuming, expensive, and for a lot of people they are not sure where to begin. Then once a piece is finally picked out, there is a fear of getting stuck with a bulky piece of art that is inconvenient to move around. This should not be the case when shopping for home decor. Follow this helpful guide to assist you in finding the perfect piece of big wall art for your home.

Determine Your Budget

Your budget will immediately help narrow down the direction for your large wall art. Original or limited edition artwork can be very expensive. While more common prints and artwork tend to cost less. Finding the sweet spot can be difficult, but don’t worry! There are options out there that allow you to have some unique wall art at a reasonable price.

Find Your Style

Finding your unique style of artwork can seem daunting, but it can be a fun experience. Take time to research artists and the different styles of artwork out there. Much of your research can be done online or on social media. There are many apps and websites you can use to narrow down your ideas. You can also visit local art museums and galleries. A few categories of art styles are below:

Minimalist Wall Art: This style of art puts more emphasis on negative space. Minimal art uses of color or lines to create an overall feeling for the artwork. As a result, the artwork denounces the necessity of art being a visually accurate representation of a person, place, or object.

Pop Wall Art: Artists in this style look to feature imagery from popular and mass culture. Generally including celebrities, iconic advertising, popular television characters, and occasionally propaganda.

Urban Wall Art: Typically depicted by iconic cityscapes and popular views from cities across the world. Artists use their medium to show the city from their perspective. Then invite the audience to experience their work in unique ways.

Surreal Digital Art: Technology in recent years has created a new genre of imagery that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. Each piece portrays a perspective of its own, and the interpretation changes depending on the viewer.

Abstract Wall Art: Abstraction in art encourages imagination and thoughtfulness. It focuses on color and lines to create a sense of movement and emotion.

Nature Wall Art: Large Nature Wall Art provides a certain calm to any room. Nature has a detoxifying effect that you can now put on your walls. Shop for Nature Wall Art including wilderness, mountains, lakes, and oceans. This artwork is sure to add a new serenity to your personal space. 

Get to Know Your Artist

After finding a direction for your large wall art, find an artist that stands out to you and learn about their work. Knowing the thought process behind their artwork can help you discover your style preferences. It is a bad look to hang a generic canvas print that doesn’t highlight the artist. It is a trending style to buy large wall art that you have a connection with and knowledge about who created it. The digital age has made it more convenient than ever to discover and follow your favorite artists. Instagram is a great place to start finding artists and connecting with them and their art. Take a look at some of the artists we love below. They have been putting together some amazing work you need to check out.

Art Size

When searching for wall art, size matters! It is easy to buy wall art that is too small for any given space. The artwork on your wall should take up between “two thirds” to “three quarters” of the wall space. If you are hanging near furniture such as a bed or couch, the artwork should be “three quarters” the width of the furniture it is hanging above. Wall art that doesn’t fill most of the wall can leave a space feeling empty, boring, and over all uninspiring. Large wall art has more impact on a space and the individuals within it.


The material your art is printed on plays a large role in the feel of your space. Framed prints and paintings can have a sophisticated feel, while canvas and fabric can create a more organic atmosphere. You will want to analyze the style of the room to ensure the artwork enhances the space it is hanging in.


Canvas art is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched over a frame. Artwork on this material are popular and readily available from many online sites and retail stores. Canvas can be less expensive than other forms of wall art. However, it is limited in size and can be difficult to transport or store away. 



Posters are easily the least expensive option. You can find just about any imagery or subject on posters. Additionally, they are sold at many retailers, websites, events, and concerts. However, they tend to be lower quality as they are printed on cheaper paper than photographic prints.


Framed Photo Prints:

In photography, framing is the presentation of visual elements in an image, and places the subject in relation to other objects. The same concept can be used with framed wall art to make an image more aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, it keeps the viewer’s focus on the framed objects. Framed wall art is often a more sophisticated style to display art. Consequently, this inevitably causes the price to go up. Especially in the larger sizes which can be quite bulky and impractical to move around. The frame and pane of glass also make the ability to change out prints a more time consuming process. 



A form of textile art that is generally woven by hand or on a loom. These pieces of art are made from different types of thread and are repeatedly woven together to create an image with the fabric. More recently, tapestries have become a mass produced product that print popular images and photographs onto low cost fabric. These are often relatively easy to find in large sizes and are a fun way to add some style to your space. However, be sure to know where you are buying tapestries from, in order to make sure you receive the quality of material you are looking for. 


Oversized Fabric Prints:

Fabric prints are a newer style of oversized wall art that are durable and allow for massive sizes. The prints can be easily removed from the frame and are convenient to transport and store when not in use. This allows you the ability to own multiple prints and change them out whenever you would like, adding an interchangeable feature that most styles don’t offer. Different from tapestries, it has a silicone beading sewn around the edge that slides into a frame. Frames create an edge-less appearance and demand all attention falls on the artist’s work. 

In the digital age, remarkable art work is now becoming more accessible, allowing for the owners to connect even more with their favorite artists. Let this blog be a guide as you navigate through the world of purchasing large wall art. Now get out there! Explore the exciting new artists available at your fingertips, challenge the status quo of stale wall art, and never settle for undersized wall decor ever again.