The Ultimate Gift Guide for Buying Large Wall Art

If you are shopping for Large Wall Art discovering the right artwork can be a challenging task. There are several options for large wall art, including canvas and traditional posters, but they have their limitations. Framed Fabric is the solution. It allows you to fill your space with beautiful oversized wall art at a low cost for high-quality art! Here is your Holiday Gift Guide to Framed Fabric wall art.

For the Minimalist

A great piece of minimalist art is a must in every home environment. Especially in wall art sizes this big. Shop large minimalist wall art and win this holiday season.

For the Nature Lover

Designed specifically for the person in your life that can’t get enough of the outdoors. Let them bring the beauty that mother nature has to offer, right into their home decor. 

For the Urban Dweller

Everyone knows someone that was born to thrive in the city. Give the gift of an iconic city view, even if they are in a cramped apartment with 5 roommates. We guarantee they will be grateful for it.

For the Pop Culture Fan

This large wall art is not for the meek and mild. These pieces are for the bold. Designed with purpose for the people looking to wow their guests with their next piece of large wall art. 

For the Art Aficionado 

Made for the person that appreciates art that has something to say. But trust us, you don’t need to have an art history degree to appreciate these awesome pieces.

For the Space Explorer  

Large wall art this cool has the ability to take you to another dimension. We love how style like this will transform the way you look at art and challenge the status quo of traditional wall art.

For the Day Dreamer

Help that special person in your life step up their art game with these large surreal wall art pieces. Let your imagination run wild and explore the large wall art that will bring their home decor alive.

Holiday Gift Guide
Signature Artists

Know the artist that is hanging on your wall! Each print has a digital signature that highlights the artist who created the piece. For every sale made on BIG, the artist gets a share. Buying wall art from BIG rewards the creative effort that made it.

Framing Holiday Gift Guide

Meet the game changer in the world of large wall art. Framed fabric prints are the best alternative to avoid the pitfalls that come with bulky framed wall art. Explore the advantages of large framed fabric prints today!