Slide Huge Surreal Collage Vintage Artwork Framed Fabric Wall Art NEW ARTIST x FRANK MOTH x Huge Surreal Collage Vintage Artwork Framed Fabric Wall Art Shop Collection A self taught artist who creates vintage digital collages and compositions with specific, distinctive retro color palettes and surreal environments.

Slide X BAMBASHKART X Shop Collection Giving new life to old art, Bambashkart creates digital collages using retro imagery. Combining vintage elements with modern techniques, he creates surreal artwork in a genre of its own.

Large Wall Art


A Large wall art print being printed

The BIG Art Experience

Printed on ArtFab™, a state-of-the-art woven fabric material that combines quality with everyday durability. Using an advanced dye-sublimation ink technology, ArtFab™ delivers the color density and high-definition detail that oversized wall art demands.

large wall art frame framing system materials assembly home decor displays
large Wall ArtArtfab Prints Interchangeable home decor displays
Durable Quality

Prints do not tear, scratch or fade like delicate alternatives.

large wall art artfab fabric material durable home decor displays
big wall decor interchangeable fabric material artwork artfab large wall art

Prints can be swapped in the infinity framing. Wall art that’s finally easy to change.


Lightweight frames disassemble, and prints can be folded for economic transportation.

large wall art frame framing system materials assembly home decor displays
big wall decor interchangeable fabric material artwork artfab large wall art biggest sizes
Biggest Sizes

With over 20 years of experience, we know how to print BIG. You will not find bigger wall art on the web.

Infinity Frames

Lightweight frames and lightboxes that emphasize the details in the artwork.

Infinity Frames

Lightweight frames and lightboxes that emphasize the details in the artwork.

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51 Reviews

I’ve never seen neon artwork like this. Gets everyone’s attention when they walk in my game room.

Wyatt L.

Where do begin! I love this company, so modern and fun. This amazing piece of art created the perfect vibe in my studio. Great customer service, emails are responded to very quickly. Can’t recommend it enough!

Jada J.

I LOVE the artwork and the fact that the artists are also featured (which makes it incredibly easy to find and save your faves). Assembly was also a piece of cake, very sturdy, and the frame really accentuates the art. Top notch!

Keli B.

Highly recommend this company. We got the perfect piece for our bedroom.

Russel K.

Big Wall Decor is just impeccable with their creativity, designs, quality, and affordability. I have multiple extraordinary pieces on various mediums. There is truly nothing they can’t or won’t do! So grateful to find you guys!! 

Ashley B.

The quality of the artwork and frame is by far amazing for the price and the delivery was fast. Frame set up was so simple and it is great they supply a video on this as well. Besides the artwork, the customer service alone will make me come back most definitely.

Michawl W.

The artwork looks GREAT in my house! It is such a unique piece of art that really pulls a whole room together! Not to mention how easy and quick it was to assemble and hang! These guys got this thing figured out! 10/10 would recommend to a friend!

Garrett K.

Great artwork & great customer service! No surprises, everything was perfect!!!

Lacey H.

Excellent quality and helpful customer service, would definitely recommend!

Emma B.

Gorgeous in person, vibrant colors and great quality!

Nick M.

With the help of BIG, I am able to fill my walls with my favorite artist!! The frames are quick to put together and easily adding and changing your art piece makes the set-up so versatile. I have placed several orders and the company has always delivered with great customer service.

Rita G.

Loved the print we got! Took forever to actually decide on which one we wanted since there are so many great options. Quality is great along with the customer service. This really made our new place come together and exceeded our expectations. Will definitely be getting another one soon!

Kevin R.

Beautiful prints! Excellent quality and very easy to set up. I love this company.

Amy H.

Beautiful, quality artwork… and so easy to install!

Nichole G.

I love the variety of styles and prints. It is very easy to switch out and quickly update home decor.

Katlyn K.

Love the magazine collage look to this artwork, so unique!

Jessie D.

I actually really enjoyed installing the canvas in the frame!

Quentin T.

I absolutely LOVE the quality of these prints! Everything is so easy to set up and they really just look amazing.

Ashley S.

Highly recommend this company! The customer service and product quality are top notch!! I love browsing the artist gallery, they have such a variety.

Melissa G.

Art is excellent, very well made. Prompt delivery and awesome customer service, will be purchasing more soon!

Paul A.

This is a great company to do business with. Not to mention the frame is quality and very easy to assemble. If you see something you like, don’t hesitate to order, you won’t be disappointed!

Jared D.

Love the vibes this artwork gives off. Going to definitely buy another to go along with it!

Maya R.

These prints are dope, I’ve never seen anything like it!

James K.

The simplicity of this piece caught my eye. Looks great with my minimalist decor. 10/10

Amy P.

The abstract colors bring a whole new energy to my living room. Thank you for helping me find the perfect artwork!

Vikki F.

I love the artwork !!! The frame is very stable and came well packed. Made my room really light up with color. I am very happy that I purchased!

Carrie B.

This artwork hits close to home. I just recently moved from Chicago and love getting to see it on my walls everyday.

Isabel K.

Surprised my wife with two prints, she loves them and loves the fact that you can change the artwork.

Bryan H.

I’ve never seen anything like this. The neon artwork is badass.

Pete O.

I love the vibes of this piece. The artwork is so unique!

Angie C.

Loved the first print so much that I purchased another fabric with this artwork. Shipped very quickly, was at my door the same week.

Jennifer K.

The print looks so good, it’s insane to see images printed this large!

Jenny T.

I just wanna say, it looks absolutely stunning. The imagery and colors are beautiful.

Danny V.

I finally got my hands on the fabric, it’s so beautiful! It really looks amazing and is super detailed!

Ramón L.

Love the art. My friends and family love it too.

Kyle K.

The prints are incredible. Blew me away. Can’t believe how big they are.

Ross N.

The frame was very easy to assemble, love the image!

Rachael S.

I’m seriously impressed with the images!

Cole A.

Love the first print I purchased. I’ll definitely order more!

Justin M.

The level of service is absolutely amazing and unbelievably rare.

Curtis S.

Shipped fast and the print reminds me of home. Great!

Matt S.

There were so many astronaut images to choose from but I really liked this one and its a total eye catcher in my apartment. Showed up at my door surprisingly fast too.

Clay J.

Arrived quickly and was easy to assemble, the instructions weren’t hard to follow. Looks great!

Diana N.

I hung it on my wall and let me say that it looks absolutely amazing! The print quality is really impressive and the frame is so solid!

Jake T.

After purchasing two 40″x60″ prints, I am blown away by the ease of install and how easy it was to change photos. Everything was extremely straightforward and the instructions helped so much.

Angela S.

The frame and fabric works great! Really easy to put together and the photos fit really well in the frame.

Rachel S.

I was hesitant to buy because this is such a different product than canvas, but I finally went for it and I will never go back to canvas again. This is a genius idea! Every time someone comes in my house they are blown away! I can’t wait to buy more!

Allison D.

Received this piece and hung it in my living room. By far the best piece of art in our apartment. Easy to install and looks amazing. Every piece of art from here on out will be bought from bigwalldecor. A 10/10 product !!

Adam B.

By far one of my favorite pieces of art I’ve ever bought. Will absolutely be buying again!

Tom J.

The packaging was great. The ease of setup was excellent, I’m amazed at how quickly I was able to set it all up. The whole product looks fantastic!

Jeff S.

I received both fabrics yesterday. Excellent service and high-quality, beautiful products. I will be purchasing again soon!

Anthony W.

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Print Your Own Artwork

Choose from a variety of sizes, and frame options to display your artwork.

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