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The Modern Home Office: Wall Décor To Impress During Your Next Zoom Meeting

The threat of COVID-19 has made working from home a reality for many. Many have had to throw together a home office as fast as possible leaving the wall décor for another day. With video meetings and conferencing on the rise, however, your home office wall art can either impress or hurt your image. It shows your style and shows that you have are prepared. Right now, every day is uncertain. You could be working from home longer than you expected, or it could be the new normal for you. It’s time to take your home office décor seriously.

For Video Work Meetings

Your home office is headquarters for your personal brand. Today, more than ever people will have visual access to your home office via teleconferencing. Are you scrambling before those last minute video chats trying to find the perfect background to make yourself look professional among the chaos? Posing in front of the same bookshelf or blank wall can get very repetitive and boring. If you consider yourself a professional, there’s no reason your home office walls should be bare and unexciting. Create an atmosphere in your home office that puts your personal style on display.


Your coworkers will be jealous and impressed with how large the art is on your wall. From outdoor beautiful landscapes to industrial city street photography, your home office will be completely restyled without the hassle. Nature and urban artwork not your style? Try a more minimalist or abstract approach. Outer space and trippy surreal colorful scenes can add an extra punch if you have an edgier company culture.

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For First Interviews

When preparing for a video interview it can be a lot of pressure to find the right setting of your home to give off your first impression. Not only do you have to find the perfect outfit and prepare for the questions but moving your laptop from room to room trying to find the right background elements can also be very stressful. Posing in front of a blank wall with good lighting is a quick fix but what does that say about you and your work style?


Don’t give in to the empty wall. Make yourself stand out with a piece of huge wall décor. Whether you are looking for a more minimalistic sophisticated feel or more edgy vibe, the artwork in your home can help keep you memorable and spark conversation from the beginning. Knowing about the art gives the impression that you are knowledgeable and have your stuff together. Show the person you are and make the best first impression.

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